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2016-2017 m.m. Šiaulių Didždvario gimnazijoje savanorišką tarnybą atlikotrys "Erasmus +" programos savanoriai (EST) Tabea Bohler (Austrija), Nino Turiashvili (Gruzija) ir Johannes Humenberger (Austria).


Tabea Bohler (Austrija)

Hi everyone!
I am Tabea from Austria and I am one of the volunteers from Didždvaris school radio. Currently, I am 18 years old, but finally turning 19 in November. It is the first time for me to leave my home for such a long period!
Back in my country I was going to school every day. Altogether it has been 12 years of being a student. (Way too long, if you ask me. I mean, those are two-thirds of my life!) I really want to study in Vienna, even though I still don’t know what. But I also needed a break of studying before I start with university. That’s why I decided to do a social year with the EVS program.
What else is there to say about me? Well, I am a curious lively girl filled with wanderlust and love for the world. I try to be a creative person and I am a huge fan of the small things in live. Anyone knows the movie „The Fabulous Life of Amélie Poulain“? That would describe me pretty good sometimes.  As most humans beings do, I spend my free time with my family and friends. I like drawing, going out at weekends and playing volleyball. Or let’s say, I try to play volleyball. Maybe I can improve my skills during this year.
So, now I am here in Lithuania and I already enjoy it. I am excited about all the new places and people I am going to see or meet. I am a 100% sure that I won’t forget the time here and that I will lern a lot about myself and about life.


Nino Turiashvili (Gruzija)

One more volunteer’s profile on the website? The same as the ones in last year. Nothing has caught your attention and you are about to check the next page’s headlines. But wait… there is something new and unusual for me,worth-sharing.
During this year I will try to tell you the stories about my homeland or other, beloved countries and cities I used to live, about the topics I am interested in, about the events that influenced me. You will have a chance to hear me from the “Radijo Klubas” during next 11 months. According to my expectations the story of my life and volunteering in Lithuania should be the one of my favorite topics for the rest of my life to talk about.
Finding it extremely difficult to write about myself, now I can start a typical, but a brief introduction. Coming from Georgia (country, not a state), I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations from Tbilisi State University. My whole working experience is directly or indirectly related to journalism and mass media. I was working as an editor in quiz-show “What? Where? When?” and as an analyst in GRASS, Tbilisi-based NGO. that I left in order to participate in the training programme “Academy of Diplomacy Budapest” by National University of Public Service. After Budapest, I have recently graduated from the College of Europe, Natolin (Warsaw) campus and waiting for my diploma in European Interdisciplinary Studies. Lithuania is the third and the longest-term foreign adventure for me. I started the new life with new opportunities here, in Siauliai.
Among my hobbies singing, drawing and hiking are considered as the most amazing ones by my friends. As for me, it’s never late to discover something new and engaging activity that makes the particular part of your life unforgettable, like running around the lake or thinking about the possible topics for the radio can already be assessed as my new interests.


Johannes Humenberger (Austria)
Hello and Sveiki everyone!
My name is Johannes and as you might know, I’m the new EVS volunteer here at the Didždvario gimnazija.
As an EVS Volunteer I really want to learn many new skills, get to know many new people and places and I just hope to have a great time with all of you!
But first let me introduce myself:
I’m 20 years old and from a very small but beautiful village in the northeast of Upper Austria, so it takes me just 20 minutes to go to Germany or the Czech Republic by car.
After elementary school, Gymnasium, Advanced Level School and civilian service I’m finally taking part at the EVS programme here in Lithuania and after that I would like to go to an University in Austria.
In my leisure time I like to travel around, meet friends and go out with them, explore nature and do some sport activities, but I also love to do creative things.
That’s why I am really looking forward to get interesting tasks at Radijo Klubas or the gymnasium in general, so if you have any ideas or if you need some help for projects, don’t hesitate to contact me! :)