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2015-2016 m.m. Šiaulių Didždvario gimnazijoje savanorišką tarnybą atliko trys "Erasmus +" programos savanoriai: Serine Gabrielyan (Armėnija), Franziska Amann (Austrija), Aldo Franicevic (Kroatija).



  • Serine Gabrielyan (Armėnija)

Labas. I am Serine. I came from Armenia. My country is in Southern Caucasus.
I worked as a journalist there and I wrote about politics, people’s social problems. The main aim of my life is to help people, to solve some problems which I can do with my articles or reports and saying the truth to travel very much ))). That’s why I chose this specialty.
In addition I like to go for a walk, to swim, to listen to music.
Now I am a volunteer here. I chose EVS because I would like to meet new people, exchange experience of work and life, exchange knowledge.
Why Lithuania and Didzdvario gimnazija? I have been interested to come to Lithuania as our countries have similarities in history, I think people have similarities too. And I worked on the radio, it is amazing for me, I am mad of it. Beside this I expect to contact with students of gimnazium, to improve my English and Russian and of course have a good time. Now I can say that I am very happy being here. I like Siauliai.

  • Franziska Amann (Austrija)

My name is Franzi, short for Franziska, and I will spend 11 months in Šiauliai as an EVS volunteer in Radijo Klubas. I grew up in a small village in Austria and visited a musical middle school and a gymnasium with focus on art. Therefor I like to paint, I play four instruments (more or less successful) and I sing in a choir. But I‘m not only interested in music and arts, I am also member and leader in the local scout group. Additionally one of my passions is literature. I do not only read, I also go to lections, poetry slams and I try to write by myself.
As I had no idea what I should do after I finished gymnasium in June, I decided to do EVS (European Voluntary Service). Being a volunteer allows you to work in a working field you haven‘t worked before and to find out if it is something you want to do later in life. I applied to a lot of projects in different working fields and various countries. At the time I finally had to decide for a project I concentrated on the work which would await me.
Radio is a medium which is absolutely new for me. I‘m sure I will have to learn a lot of new things but this is not necessarily a bad thing but a chance to get an insight into something I‘m interested in. Therefor this project seemed very appealing to me. Additionally it takes place in a school, a centre of learning. This suggests that there is room for development. Not only in skills you need for your daily work but also social and personal competences can be enhanced without heavy pressure.
Naturally, parts of the decision were also based on the location of the project. I always wanted to live in a bigger city and in a foreign country. This part fits perfectly. As I have been in Lithuania once I knew about the beauty of the landscape but also about the cold winters and the lack of sun. But I think of that as I think of my EVS – an adventure worth daring.

  • Aldo Franicevic (Kroatija)

“If you want to find meaning, agree on everything. If you want to change people, don’t run away from them”, said many years ago a rock wizard from my country and simply condensed my life moto.
My name is Aldo Franicevic, I’m a journalist, traveler, writer and recently more often, a volunteer. A wish for learning, exploring and simply finding new people and revealing their stories brought me here where I am today – in Siauliai.
But, my path was nor simple, neither short. When I graduated journalism and foreign relations four years ago at Political Science Faculty I already had a few shorter voyages behind me and one very interesting working experience in New York. I worked there as a waiter, I washed dishes in low budget restaurants and painted rich people’s flats… but my masters degree brought me back to the profession in which I really believed - journalism. With time, my faith was still live but shaken. I continued to work in media but then I put more energy in other things. In the last few years I was an editor on an internet news site specialized for education, I participated in Youth in Action projects and humanitarian actions. Finally, as result of all those activities I traveled to Kenya last year, where I taught in a school and worked as a football trainer for a month and a half.
When I came back,  I immediately knew that I wanted to continue in that direction. I know that chance which EVS is giving me can complete my life experience and shape me as a person… I’m just 28, still young, am I not?
Before I lost the tan from my African experience I started to cruise through European projects… my focus was on Baltic and Pyrenees countries because those are parts of Europe which I still didn’t visit but I have a good experience with people from those areas…
Finally, I chose Lithuania because project in Siauliai offers me unique possibility to unite media and education experience with life in community, which is in the same time so similar and so different from mine.
Life brought me to your town and now it is a part of my path… Anyway, beauty is in the journey not only in the goal.