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2019-2020 m.m. Šiaulių Didždvario gimnazijoje savanorišką tarnybą atlieką trys savanoriai: Mariam Zakaryan (Armėnija), Sabina Alishova (Azerbaidžanas) ir Dave Kock (Austrija).


Hi. I’m Maria. I’m from sunny Armenia. I love art, photography, cats, music, traveling, reading. I will be very glad if I could share something with you and exchange our experiences. I’m looking forward to know you better. Ačiū.



Sabina Alishova DOB: 8 May 1995

Studied Geography at Baku State University. Member of A(L)AR(M) Dance Crew since January 2013.(Nickname: BangBang)loves music and can’t imagine any single day without it. Dancing makes her feel relaxed and powered at the same time.Does pointillism(painting with dots 0.1 mm), believes in energy. favorite quote “There are two rules for success...

1. Never reveal everything you know.”
2. Favorite phrase "peace and love"



Servus! My name is Dave, I am one of your new Hosts at Radijo Klubas. I am really looking forward for the next 10 Month! So, jump in and listen to Radijo klubas :D

One of my hobbys is Filming, thats also why i startet my Youtube channel about the  Gapyear i will do here! I am also very intrested in Politics and traveling around the world! I am in the Multimedia Team of the Aha-youth information, There i am one of the Photographer at the „Frageraum Politik“ (Questionroom Politics), at Big Openings like the Aha + card etc.

And if you want to know more just come and ask! I wont bite you ;)