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2015 m. spalio 13 d. - gruodžio 13 d. Caglar Keskin, Mehmet Samet Gultekin

Mehmet Samet Gültekin (Turkey)

Hi, I‘m Samet, from Turkey. I‘m 23 years old. I grew up in Ankara, capital city of Turkey. I graduated from Business Administration department of Gazi University this year. I like watching movies at my free time. I like taking nature photos. I like traveling, seeing new places, especially historical places.
After my graduation from university, I worked in a company named Yedi24 as an intern for 3 months. Then I wanted to do something different. I think - the main purpose of life is helping people. So I‘ve found European Voluntary Service when I was looking for my options. I‘ve found radio project on internet and decided to apply for it. I was very excited when I‘ve learned that I‘m accepted.
Now I’m a volunteer here in Didzdvario Gimnazija. I will be in Lithuania for 2 months. As I saw it, It‘s a very beautiful country. I like the nature here. There are many lakes and forests. People are very kind. I want to learn all about the life style and culture of Lithuanian people. I hope 2 months will be enough.

Çağlar Keskin (Turkey)


Labas. I think Labas is first word I have learned in Lithuanian language. And second is ačiū.
I am Caglar 24 years old. I came from Turkey. My city is Denizli, it is in the west of the Turkey and I am from place much hotter than it is here. I graduated at Anadolu University, Business department.
That is the question why I am here and why EVS program? The main reasons: I like Lithuania. Of course Lithuania is cold but it is ok for me and I already have lots of good friends here. So I wanted to visit them, to meet new friends and of course to volunteer in the radio station.
It is my first time abroad and first time on the radio. But everything is ok. I am interested in communication with people. I like to talk with them.
One day I saw the EVS program on the internet and I found a radio project. So I said - I must apply, It is new opportunity for me. I like to share my knowledge and helping people. It does not matter for me who they are. “I can help people everywhere” it is my moto. I am always open for something new; my hobbies are to ride a bicycle, learning new thinks and languages, watching TV series. I am good at playing football and I even playing theatre.

  • 2015 m. gegužės - birželio mėn. Deniz Cetinkale, Seda Yesildeniz

Seda Deniz Yeşil

In our daily routines we don’t realize the important things we have. Everyday we follow our simple needs. However, when we decide to change something in our lives, nothing is gonna be the same. Sveiki, visi, this is Seda, who decided to change something in her life and, to do this she has changed her country, way of living in some way and now here she is in Šiaulių Didždvario gimnazija, in  Lithuania.

I graduated from English Language and Literature and now I should have continued my postgraduate studies for Linguistics and Cultural Studies, but I gave a little time break for that and decided to live abroad for a while. I want to observe and touch the things that I have never heard from anybody. And trust me, without touching the wings of life we become only readers of the book; roads are open to the ones who want to write a book

My adventure’s starting point started with my EVS application. When I looked at the data base, Lithuania took my attention. There were many different ‘hot’ options for me, but green and rainy nature with undiscovered history Lithuania attracted me a lot. But, when I came here, I noticed that Lithuania had more; this country is ‘a port open to the past and future.’ With its untouched nature, different history and cuisine it has a different portray in my eyes right now.

Now I am thinking about what I have learned after all these kilometers. Many things and experiences. From school to our routines every day brings me new challenges and experiences. If you are a person who is far away from home, if you are a person who is open to new touches in his/her life; nothing will be the same :)

I consider myself lucky. In this fantastic school with suppor-tive mentors everything looks nice. But, no matter how atmosphere looks clear, there are many challenges inside of you and of course in your daily life, because you are the one who changed your life and also you are the one who wants to create difference by changing your life.

First days were not like a fairy tale of course, because at first I had to learn the ways in the city to survive, and then viskas gerai! :) Even if I am a short term volunteer here, I had a lot chance to improve my observations and experiences. The important point is feeling alive from top to bottom and enjoy! :)

Deniz Çetinkale

Labas! I am Deniz from Turkey, a volunteer at Didždvario gimnazija.

I‘m 25 years old. I graduated from university at the Chemical Engineering department last year. After graduation I decided to make a difference in my life and looked for another options like going abroad. So, I met EVS ( European Voluntary Service). EVS is one of the meaningful programs I have ever seen so far... It brings people together from all over Europe for the same goal.

This is my first time abroad. That‘s why when I decided to come here, I was a little bit nervous. Because I didn‘t know anything about Lithuania and living in another country. I thought for a long time whether I should go  or not... But, in the end, I overcame my fears  :)

I‘m  here to discover this country and its culture from top to bottom! My days are limited here: for 2 months. And I spent already  1 month.. Time is running so fast and It‘s not enough to learn everything about Lithuania but I‘m sure I‘ll have a chance to come here again in the future. It is not over yet!

Thanks to EVS, I had an opportunity to come here (at least for 2 months) and it is a big deal for me. It is a perfect occation! If someone told me before that I will be living in Lithuania for 2 months, I would have said “Are you kidding me?” But with EVS everything is possible :)

I always wondered about Baltic countries especially Lithuania because of its basketball culture. Being a volunteer gives me the best chance to live here and show my culture as well. I‘m giving Turkish lessons to Lithuanian students and it makes me very excited :)

It has been only 1 month but I already gained so many experiences. I learned how to survive in a foreign country, how to work in a team and so on.. I didn‘t learn only Lithuanian culture, I also learned about my own culture. While preapering presentations about Turkey, I learned a lot of things that I didin‘t know before (It‘s a big shame). I‘ve come here without any expectation. But now, when I look back, I see only big experiences and good friendships.

When this page is closed, I will not feel upset. Because I know that somewhere another page is ready to be opened...